Last year Nathan’s Parents bought a cute little house in Ruidoso, New Mexico, so now seemed like the perfect time to take advantage of the Lego Lodge. (Here’s last year’s post)

Let’s rewind just a bit, last year, after several days of searching, we stumbled across a funny little yellow house. From the outside it looks like 3 blocks. Suzanne instantly said “it looks like it’s made from Legos!” We took a chance and peeked inside and wouldn’t you know, the inside was absolutely adorable! Gary and Suzanne fell in love and decided this was the house!

We left on Saturday, and dropped the kiddos off with Candace at Doggie Diggs. For anyone in Fort Worth that needs a dog daycare, we highly recommend her!

The drive is really pretty easy, it takes about 8 hours and with podcasts and XM radio, it flies by. I’m a huge fan of podcasts and XM radio, so some of the shows we listened to included The Moth, Dave Ramsey, Joel Osteen, Dr. Laura (she’s crazy, I know).

My other favorite radio shows that I highly recommend include Hidden Brain, The Daily Boost, How I Built This, Planet Money, Freakonomics Radio, Based on a True Story, A Way with Words, BrainStuff, Think, Fresh Air and This American Life. Can you say Nerd Alert.

We arrived just as it was getting dark and the Lego Lodge looked great, with the new paint job, it was a whole new house. Inside was still just as cute as I remember!

Sunday I woke up early (big surprise to those who know me) and decided to go for a little jog. Um. Basically every direction from the house is hills, so thank the Lord for modern technology and inhalers. 🙌🏻  It was beautiful though, I ran by several deer, heard lots of birds chirping… what a great way to start the day.

Afterwards I enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee on the porch and learned about the Seed Vault. (Again, nerd alert) 🤓 Look at this view!

For lunch we headed to town (his parent’s house is in Alto) and went to the Cornerstone Bakery. I had a half BLT with a side of spinach artichoke soup which was to die for. Nathan had the roast beef dip and a side the tomato basil soup – he really enjoyed it and we’d both recommend those options.

After lunch we saw Maze Runner at the Sierra Cinema. We’ve both only seen the first one, but it was pretty entertaining. Then we packed up on groceries for the week and decided to just hunker down at home for the Superbowl. What an exciting game, fun commercials and we really enjoyed seeing the halftime show, especially since we’ll be seeing Justin when he comes to Dallas in a few months!

For our second full day here we decided even though they haven’t gotten much snow at all here, we’d try skiing at Ski Apache.

We decided that it’s really too hard to ski when it’s mostly ‘fake snow’ because it’s really hard, icy and only two lifts were open. We were there about an hour and a half and can say that we skied, but it wasn’t our most successful ski trip.

After skiing and lunch, we ventured to Capitan, NM, home of Smokey the Bear.

Tuesday seemed like a beautiful day to go for a hike, so we ventured out and enjoyed the sunshine.

It’s seemed fitting after hiking, so try a flotation pod…. neither of us minded it. You just kinda’ float in the dark. We are all so busy in our lives so I think if you can slow down and just exist without technology and noise everywhere, that’s a good thing. I’d do it again.

Next up was checking off a bucket list item – exploring Carlsbad National Caverns.  But first, we stopped in Artesia, my dad’s hometown.

Downtown is really cute and we ate at the Wellhead Restaurant & Pub – they had a best fries!

After lunch, we stopped at 709 Hermosa Drive, the home that my dad grew up in. I’m trying to remember, I think the last time I was in Artesia was 1993, so second grade.

I remember spending Christmas here one year and getting some awesome roller blades and skating up and down the driveway.

On to Carlsbad Caverns!

Carlsbad Cavern includes a large cave chamber (The Big Room), a natural limestone chamber almost 4,000 feet long, 625 feet wide, and 255 feet (78 m) high at the highest point. It is the fifth largest chamber in North America and the twenty-eighth largest in the world.

3 miles and 2.5 hours later, we were all exhausted, but what a fun adventure!

As our vacation was coming to an end, I got a surprise text from Bea, Alexia’s mom, and was able to meet with her and Chuck, as they checking in on the remodeling of their cabin. They are so much fun and I’m glad I got to visit with them for an hour.

They’ve been coming to Ruidoso for years and are remodeling one of their cabins. It’s going to be really nice and I can’t wait to see the progress over the next few months!

One of the cool benefits that came with the Lego Lodge, was the included membership to Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club. We just played the front nine, but really enjoyed it. It’s a fun little course that we’ll take advantage of for years to come!

After golf we played a little tennis – we are so predictable!

Dinner was great, we enjoyed lots of bread and pastas at Michael J’s followed by a quick game of Watch Yo’ Mouth! (Suzanne and I won, by the way).😂

Lastly, on our way back home, we stopped for breakfast in Roswell with Aunt Shirley. She has the cutest home and always feeds us so well for the rest of our drive home. We are so glad that we are able to visit with her when we are in New Mexico. She also has the cutest backyard ever.

Our trip flew by and as you can see, we were able to cram a lot in!